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Should you be interested in a puppy, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We do not breed a litter unless we have confirmed bookings so there is often a waiting period before a puppy becomes available.

 All our breeding stock is health tested, as no breeding line is immune to the health issues that some Beardies experience. Our puppies are sold with KUSA registration, innoculated, dewormed and microchipped. A contract is also supplied to ensure that all parties involved are protected, and an information booklet is supplied to ensure that a new Beardie owner is equipped with all the knowledge and information they need to take care of their puppy. 

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Ashvale Bearded Collies

Tel: 082 5515282



Westmilwunda Bearded Collies

Tel: 082 707 9728


Du Ventoux Bearded Collies

Tel: 083 256 2351